Self-Management Births Peaceful Power

The process of birthing the best version of ourselves is similar to the process of birthing new life from our wombs. We labor to balance Will, Love, and Intelligence in our everyday lives.


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We are laboring through life ladies…

So why not apply maternal concepts to our everyday lives?

As a former Maternity Nurse turned Nurse Care Manager and Feminine Empowerment Coach, I specialize in helping women manage the pain and stress associated with the labors of life.

Want to labor through life with a more peaceful mind?


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Begin by tuning into you.

Women see and hear so many other women sharing stories of being overwhelmed and overworked.  Unfortunately, the repetitive visuals of women running around looking stressed and holistically drained has become an accepted feminine badge of honor.  Often, it’s also the source that triggers the fear hindering a multitude from birthing better better versions of themselves and/or fulfilling their purpose.

Want the truth?

That visual is masculine energy overshadowing the feminine.

Like you, women are tired and are becoming conscious to that inner voice calling for more clarity and more internal balance.

We are being called to tune-in and move by the peaceful motives of our soul…our soul needs energy BALANCE.

Want to birth more of your peaceful power?


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Birth Your Own Peaceful Power


This program may not be for you if you are against the belief that all things are connected.  

This program is for the woman who believes in connection, not just our connection with humanity, but our connection with all that exists. Throughout our program we identify concepts and patterns seen throughout our world. Women navigate through this program in small cohorts so that during each session we have time to process the lessons to be learned by our revelations. We utilize the information we unlock to develop individualized Peaceful Power plans as opposed to formulating lists of life hacks and unsustainable to do lists.

We discuss and compare maternal, metaphysical, spiritual, and medical concepts to enhance our self-efficacy by understanding our Divine connection so we can take control of our peace and power and fulfill our purpose of empowering others.


Then you can maintain momentum and birth ALL of that “good stuff” that has been innately impregnated within.

Our self-management program is holistic in design to help you understand you:

  1. Understand and articulate your personal process
  2. Identify unproductive cycles
  3. Create sustainable self-care/action plans
  4. Experience internal balance and your Peaceful Power

Do what you need to, want to, and were created to do!

By identifying our imbalanced energy and unproductive cycles, we are able to:

  • OVERCOME the fear of becoming overwhelmed
  • REDUCE drawn out seasons of stagnation
  • STOP suffering during contractions of life alone
  • MANAGE your energy, time, and emotions

Want to know more about our program?