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“Blessed shall be the offspring of your body…”
The Mission
My Peaceful Blessings exists to help women navigate through the miraculous journey of pregnancy, childbirth, and mother-hood through proficient education, continuous empowerment and Christ-led guidance.

LeShanta Baker, RN, BSN, CCE, CD, CIME

Pregnant with my one and only son after a couple of years of trying, monthly episodes of tears, and several doctors deeming it impossible, I was determined to relish every moment of pregnancy. The pregnancy was typical: nausea and tiredness in the beginning, insomnia in the end, and sciatic pain throughout.   However, I still refer to this time as the best experience of my life.

“…it became apparent to me, that enjoying the journey of pregnancy may have more to do with the state of mind, than the symptoms we experience.”

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Engage and discover inside tips for a natural hospital birth through the writings of LeShanta Baker, an experienced labor and delivery nurse, certified doula and childbirth educator.