Over the years, I’ve seen doulas with mothers while laboring in the hospital.  As a RN, although I was always grateful for their presence, I also always felt gypped.  I wanted to be at the bedside.  That is what I thought my job was going to be as a labor nurse.  Unfortunately, I found, this was not always the case.
The truth is the duties of a nurse may take you away from the bedside, more than we’d like at times.  Whether it’s due to our responsibility to manage more than one laboring patient at a time or because staying isolated in a room may leave your team of nurses short when it comes to team support.  I’m usually the nurse the other nurses have to check on due to my being in a patient’s room “too long.”


I became a doula because I am strengthened every time I witness:

#1 The strength of a woman                                

Women go through so many phases of emotion, questioning, and acceptance during labor and delivery.  Being a part of a sisterhood that helps keep her going as a supportive squad that accepts and advocate for her decisions, makes me feel like I’m on the right team.  It saddens me to find women laboring without the unconditional one-on-one care they deserve.   It hurts more to see their desires unfulfilled due to lack of knowledge and support.  However, my soul is lifted when a mother feels nurtured enough to speak her mind, voice her concerns, and births her child without paralyzing fear or unnecessary suffering.

#2 The bonding of a family unit             

bondingBeing a doula isn’t just about being at the labor and delivery of each baby.  In addition to providing information on childbirth, newborn care, breastfeeding, and healthy lifestyles, my goal is to create environments that foster a peaceful and supportive safe haven for all the family involved.


#3 The miracle of life             

Ask any passionate birth worker.  Seeing the birth of life never gets old.  Birthing a child is a miracle of life.  Knowing that in her womb life developed and grew, surviving off what only she (the mother) could give.  Then to witness an entire human form emerge from another is nothing short of an
childbirthamazing miracle from God.

Pregnancy is a beautiful time in every woman’s life, and I am committed to everyone I have the gift of walking with on their journey, having the most empowered, informed, peaceful and amazing pregnancy and labor experience possible.

If you’d like to learn more about how I can support you in your journey, please contact me.