“Take the time to ensure

you’ll carry a beautiful memory.”

Step 1 Research your options

Placeholder ImageAsk around. Question random mothers and ask WHERE they delivered, WHO was the provider, WHAT their experience was like, and HOW it could have been better. When planning for a wedding, this is the time brides are looking through magazines, online, and watching shows to gain
inspiration. Do the same kind of research. If you have access to anyone working in a childbirth setting, find out their opinions on the facility they work in and the providers who hold privileges at that facility. Hire a Maternity Coach, if desired. A
 Maternity Coach would have relationships with, and insights about, local providers, facilities, and birth workers/vendors. 

Step 2 Find a venue

Decide whether you’d like to labor and birth at home, a birthing center, or hospital. Many women are unaware that they have a choice for their birth

Hospital Labor and Delivery Room

venue. It’s okay to take tours. Hospitals and birth centers usually are very accommodating. Once you’ve decided on home, birth center, or hospital, narrow down your choices of location. This maybe done best by considering the proximity from your home.



Birthing Center

Step 3 Choose your Provider

Decide if you’d like a Midwife or Doctor. I’ve found many mothers don’t know the difference or do not take this into strong consideration. Some mothers are unaware that there are hospitals that have both, midwives and doctors. If your choice is doctor, you may want to take it a step further and question if you have preferences for male or female.


There are mothers who simply google and choose the provider that is closest to their home. But I urge you to take this decision more seriously than you would in deciding who will marry you (the officiant). Ask yourself, “Will they listen to me?” “Will they take into consideration who I am in creating a plan for my care?” Or, “Will they treat me like a drive thru wedding chapel, spitting out textbook pregnancy and birth words then quickly m

Step 4 Prepare and Plan

This portion makes up the bulk. As with planning a wedding, there is a Placeholder ImageWrite a planlengthy timeframe spent preparing your mind and body while you simultaneously handle a lengthy checklist.  Mental and physical preparation prior to weddings usually consist of pre-marriage counseling and, if needed, diet and exercise (for the

Childbirth and Newborn Classes

dress).  Although moms today have been attempting to rely solely on self-study through research online and books, studies have proven that mothers and their partners are better prepared for their labor and delivery experience when they have participated in organized and comprehensive childbirth education classes facilitated by certified educators.

Step 5 Cherish the Process

Unless it’s an arranged marriage, we marry because of the relationship built through the season of dating. Pregnancy is a precious time. Date your baby in the womb. Schedule quiet time to tune into what is going on inside of you. Your little one already possesses his/her spirit and is currently forming their own unique personality. Cherish this time because just like marriage, after the wedding, the responsibilities of everyday life may hinder the opportunities you have for intimate moments.

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