Realize evolution is never ending

  1. We will never have it all together
  2. We will never have it all figure out
  3. We don’t have too!


Because we are individual spirits forever reaching higher to another level that evolves us more and more into who we are called to be. This is just one of the major lessons pregnancy, labor, birth, and motherhood was designed to teach us. Just when you smirk to yourself and think, “I got this, I’m in the flow, riding the wave, weathering the storm, the category changes and recalibration of your formula is required”. But guess what, it’s ok! It may shock you over and over until you release to the realization that we were not designed to ever have it figured out. We were only designed to desire more and figure out the formula that puts us in the position to flow through each contraction, each obstacle, or situation life presents. So exhale in the relief in knowing that the pressure is off! Just be, desire, feel it, get into position, flow, and repeat.

Love you, My Beautiful Peaceful Mamas,

LeShanta Baker

Labor Nurse/Maternity & Peaceful Mind Coach