Thank you for being on this journey of womanhood with me!💋💕





What would happen if we ended the year in reflective thanksgiving?

For so many, it has become a tradition to enter into the New Year pregnant with new goals/resolutions. But what if we made it a point to spend the remainder of this year in Interconception?

Before we begin trying to birth new habits, visions, and ideas, let’s spend more time reflecting on the year we are leaving behind.

Let’s take a look over the years collection of memories, (writings, videos, and photos have hopefully had a chance to capture many times) with all the happy, sad, silly, exciting or stressful sighs.

May we choose to reflect on all that has happened, while we give thanks for the internal and external growth we’ve achieved this year alone. In doing this, we will send out vibrations of love and appreciation that may set us up for an amazing year that is soon to come.

FYI, you’ll be seeing more of me. 😬😉😘