I’m thankful that we can choose to accept the gift of peace.


Does stress prove your worthiness?

You can labor through life in peace.

There appears to be this misconceived notion that laboring new life has to be hard. Others share stories of their difficult experience like a badge of honor.  Peace is actually a gift that’s waiting for you to become open to receive it.  It’s ok to want it, even when others say it’s impossible.

The truth is, accepting that you don’t have to struggle is the struggle.

Over the years, I’ve been blessed to walk with a multitude of women through unmedicated births and labors of life. After the contractions end and their new lives begin, each woman sits with a smirk, a glow, and a whisper of self-amazement, saying, “I can’t believe I did it”.

Due to the courage of these women, I’m thankful to know that…

Women can walk through labor unscathed.

See, I’m a witness that those who take a chance on themselves, by going against the “word on the street”, create the story they desire. You know, those words that say, “uh, I wouldn’t”. Those words that share, “It’s going to be tough.”, “No one has/does…”, “Don’t torcher yourself.”, or “Girl, if I was you, I wouldn’t even try”.  Those words plant seeds of doubt.

Usually, the mouths that spread the words have never fixed their own lips to say, “I’m going to prepare myself and try”.  Instead, they announce their struggle to every woman willing to offer an ear. And their story becomes more detailed and expressive with the rise and fall of the listener’s perceived shift in emotion.  It’s time to stop allowing your desire to labor through life in peace stay an illusion or some far away dream.

*STOP giving away the stories of your Peaceful Blessings to the fictionalized stories created by those who have feared picking up their own pen to write their own story.

Your PEACEFUL STORY is waiting for you to write it.