IT HELPS TO HAVE A DOG…and no backyard.

In the past, I’ve had pups. But the comfort of a backyard made it way to easy for me to just send them out the sliding glass door.

But with my dear Rocky and our lifestyle the past 2 years, I’m forced to go out doors. Rain or snow, we walk our paths.

I’ve learned to be soooooooo grateful for sunny days. Growing up in Florida, living in Denver, Colorado; Sunnyside/Zillah Washington; and road tripping through Southern California, Arizona, New Mexico and onward to the east coast was food for my soul.

I made a habit awhile ago of tilting my chin towards the sun whenever I enter into it’s obvious presence.

The sun lifts me when I feel down and warms me inside and out. But most of all, it reminds me that it’s always there to give me that comfort when I seek it.

Even when I don’t see it, for example, our winter in Seattle, Washington, it was still there. But there are times when the other elements of life try to hide and shield it’s light.

However, I’m grateful that despite being hidden, The Sun (The Son) never forgets it’s calling. When the clouds and forces of life move aside, it’s still there, shining bright like…”Yeah, YOU SEE ME”. 🌄

My hearts desire is to never forget my calling. My motive, is that I believe we all are called to mimic the peace brought by the Sun. My intention, is to remain in a state of being (out of my mind & body) where I can always hear my soul’s instructions. For I know that the ulterior motive of my soul will always be TO BECOME THE SUN not the cloud.