Do you believe that your past prepared you for your present?

After being a Labor Nurse for almost 12 years, it’s been uncomfortable announcing myself to the world with a different title attached to my name.
But I’ve realized, my almost 20 years in healthcare strengthened my assessment skills for this role.

My season as a Labor and Delivery Nurse, Doula, and Childbirth Educator fine tuned my ability to cope in times of stress. Being a Self Awareness Coach may not have been my past, but my past was designed to prepare me for my present. So often we want to ask the question, how did our past prepares for our future? But we don’t know what our future will bring.

Never, did I think before going to nursing school this would be my present, that I would be here.
And I don’t know what my future will bring. I can only hope. So ask yourself… How has your past prepared you for your present, your right now?

What happens when you realize your story led you to an unexpected path, a new role?
God allowed Jesus to work years as a Carpenter before he was called to mend broken hearts, restore faith, and build a pathway of ascension.

Take the weekend to ask yourself:

1. What title have you been holding on to?
2. What title is God calling you to SURRENDER to?
(Note: It could change again 😉)

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