I really did try to ignore the pain in my wrist after our accident.

Of all the places I could hurt, “seriously God, might right side?”

Although I still try to push the boundaries of my limited physical capabilities, I must say, I SEE THE BLESSINGS that will continue to bring me peace.

1. My son was able to become more aware that HE CAN do more!
2. I had to allow him to help more!
3. I enhanced my ability to listen to my body!
4. I learned to align to a different flow in common situations!
5. Together, my family (including Rocky) discovered new ways to navigate through our daily lives!
6. If something didn’t work, I was forced to be ok when the situation caused me to course correct !
7. All in all, I’d say, this experience has given me another opportunity to evolve into a higher version of LeShanta!

“Accidents” are sometimes required to shift our state of being for our SOUL EXPANSION.

Labors of life are required to birth our HIGHER SELF.