Well, it depends on the layer you see? 😉

This is another big question. However, the answer can be broken into smaller pieces.

There was a point when I forgot this, as many mothers do. I summed up my identity in a few words, “…mother, wife, professional.”

This Labor Day, my son turned 9 years old. I spent some time reflecting on my growth and my identity shift since he entered my life, honestly since he entered my body. Hence, my absence the past few days.

Now I understand that we can have so many names. Names beyond, “Mom-mom” or “Honey”, even “LeShanta” or, as my family calls me, “Shawn”.

This is important for women to understand prior to adding “mother” to their list.

Created in the image of God (Universe, Source, Creator…) we can be called many things by many people. But it’s very important that we establish a list of names for ourselves.

Maybe you are a visionary, peacemaker, go-getter, change agent…your list can go on.

I’ve read, that we do better at changing our habits when we first decide to adopt a new identity.

You are not your responsibilities or your feelings.

We have many layers, many identities. We have the choice to decide which layer we want to keep or transform.

We just have to be willing to peel back and examine each layer.
Who are you?