Laboring through life with Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) has been my greatest challenge. Crazy to admit after this past months experience, but it’s also been my greatest gift.


  1. Because of this hormonal mood disorder up to two weeks a month I have had the opportunity to taste the pain experienced by my patients and clients who battle depression, anxiety, and extreme physical discomfort on a daily.
  2. I understand that being told to just take a walk, a deep breath, hot bath, think good thought, or sit and visualize yourself happy may not be enough to change your mood, shift your energy, or redirect your thoughts.
  3. This winter was the worst. But my PMDD truly helped me become more self-aware and notice the woman’s Divine connection to Mother Nature and our Universe.

With the fall of each leaf, it felt as though my energy dropped another joule. I experienced heightened symptoms as the climate changed.

I’ve taken note of how easy it is for my inner light to fade with the disappearance of the sun. And it’s become clear that when my cycle links to the moon, that full milky rock causes me to fight harder to bind my werewolf within.


I’m blessed that clouds separate and the sun shines on my face again. Thank God that the moon cycles so that my heart fills with love again.

However, during that window, during that imbalanced hormonal season just after ovulation and until my river of red is in rapid flow, no words seem to have the ability to adequately articulate the way PMDD makes me feel.

To all my sisters fighting just to labor through daily life, before creating a #MyPandemicSurvivalPlan…


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