How can the maternal journey contribute to a woman’s evolution of self?


So my Peaceful Women,

I can only answer for me.  Tomorrow is the official anniversary of my maternal journey. 2020-09-01T14_11_09.444Z copy

Yep, tomorrow my son turns 2 whole handfuls of fingers…(idk if that makes sense, but you understand).

It hit me last year that each year he celebrates his life, I should reflect and celebrate my own.

Although tomorrow we celebrate his birth, I too get to celebrate the birth of me.

From his conception, he changed me.

To be honest, I was changed through the season of our infertility, for that is when he was conceived in my mind.

He altered my internal balance the moment the thought of him penetrated my heart.

However, it was the journey to having him, through birthing him, and continually raising him that leads to my birthing more from the peaceful motive of my soul.

image (1)My son’s very existence has blessed me with a spirit of intention, the discipline of self-reflection, and a goal for enhanced spiritual growth.

In loving him, I continue to learn to love more of me.

Because, when I gaze at him I see the creation of God’s capability, the complexity of human nature, and the connection we all have to the Universe.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL YOU BEAUTIFUL VIRGOS and to all you Mother’s of beautiful Virgo souls.

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2 thoughts on “How can the maternal journey contribute to a woman’s evolution of self?

  1. This is a great piece! I love the idea of thinking about the growth of your child as a parallel to your personal growth and evolution.

    1. Thank you so much Shawna! And it’s not just my mental and spiritual growth. As I scroll through old pictures of my son, I also get to see photos of my evolution of self…wow!

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