For over 12 years my experience as a Maternity Nurse, Childbirth Educator, and Doula, has allowed me to help hundreds of women naturally birth new life with a peaceful mind.

Life is continuously showing me how the maternal journey mimics the daily obstacles we face.  I’ve discovered that instead of spiraling through the cycle of fear, tension, and pain during childbirth or our every day lives, we can experience peace and power during all the labors of our lives. 

By exploring maternal concepts and turning principles into practice, you can birth new life and your best self by letting your feminine instinct and spiritual intuition lead the way. 

I provide courses, communities, and coaching that are based on the belief that the maternal journey is a pathway to a woman’s self-evolution and spiritual growth.  Together we work to help you self-advocate, become more mindful, energetically tuned in, present, holistically well, socially conscious, and self-assured.   

Every Maternity and Self-Awareness private session, group workshop, or online program is designed to elevate your self-awareness, coping skills, and ability to prepare spiritually, mentally, and physically for the journey ahead.