to help women labor through life with more peaceful minds with their own process and plan.


…to empower women to birth the best version of themselves in every divinely orchestrated moment.

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We all have the answers within us, sometimes we just need a little help with retrieving the answers and organizing the information we receive.  I’ve discovered that most women, including myself, reach out for help when we’ve tried multiple scenarios, we’ve already attempted to do it on our own.  That’s why my specialty, isn’t in presenting you with a generic plan that includes a list of interventions and strategies that is presented to the majority.  Because obviously, you require something different, you require an individualized plan.

My coaching method combines my nursing skills and process with my personal and professional experience.

What to expect:

  1. Perform thorough assessments of all the parts of you, spirit, mind, and body.
  2. Together we look to diagnosis the natural process of your labor, identifying cycles that blocking you from experiencing balance and peace.
  3. We figure out a plan to break it and avoid becoming trapped in it in the future.
  4. After implementing your revised process,
  5. We evaluate and fine-tune your personal power plan.

I believe that everything has a deeper purpose and that the maternal journey is a sacred gift filled with life lessons.  That’s why I apply maternal concepts to our everyday lives and use the nursing process to help women break undesirable cycles and labor through life with a more peaceful mind.

Pregnancy, labor, birth, and motherhood were designed to help us enhance our ability to tune into our bodies, control our minds, and follow our internal compass.  As a Nurse and Coach, I’m dedicated to helping you methodically cope with all the labors of your life, so that you can birth new life, habits, or your sacred dreams.

The maternal experience is just the gateway that leads women into a journey of seeking balance because we begin to recognize the imbalance of energy within ourselves and all around us.  My maternal training helps me meet women at the gate and my personal experience helps me to continue to walk beside those traveling with me.

How did I discover my window to peace?

Read a portion of my story!

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