What is Maternity Coaching?

Maternity Coaches help high-achieving women remain confident, clear, and at peace as they transition into and throughout their maternal journey.   For years companies have hired Maternity Coaches to support and retain successful female employees, helping them manage pregnancy, maternity leave, and their return to work.

As a private, full-service Maternity Coach, I assist women throughout preconception, pregnancy, labor, birth, and motherhood, helping women merge The Woman with The Mother 

As opposed to solely focusing on helping you maintain who you were before you began your maternal journey, we work together to help you evolve into the powerful, peaceful, multidimensional woman you have become and were designed to be.

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What is Self-Awareness Coaching?

Self-Awareness coaching helps you easily rebalance, feel more centered and in control in your everyday life.  As we labor through life, we are challenged with the task of identifying, breaking and avoiding becoming trapped in cycles that stagnate our growth, momentum, and peace of mind.  The key is to develop the skills that help us be present and focused so we can look at ourselves objectively and at each situation from various perspectives.

Self-awareness coaching is designed to enhance the skills that help you quickly identify, easily break, and more consistently avoid cycles that drain, strain, and derail you.  By increasing the depth and understanding of your character, feelings, motives, and desires, self-awareness coaching doesn’t just enhance your knowledge of self, it helps you build the soft skills that affect your personal and professional life. 

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Is Maternity & Self-Awareness coaching for me?

The short answer, yes!  The maternal journey was designed to enhance self-awareness, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence.  These three aspects alone have been shown to improve peace, success, and quality of life.  The concepts have been used to coach women, men, and children for years.

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Questions frequently thought but infrequently asked…

Will coaching with LeShanta benefit me?

Coaching is a partnership, a relationship.  Our partnership is designed to assist you in creating individualized strategies that help you identify, break, and avoid becoming trapped in cycles that exacerbate your emotions, drain your energy, and pollute your experience.

The philosophies that govern my approach are not for every woman.   The terminology used between a client and I may differ based on comfort and experience but the underlying principles that govern our motives as we work together tend to be the same. 

  • As a Maternity Coach, I apply maternal concepts to everyday life.  Women who feel connected to the maternal experience benefit most from my style of coaching, whether they are pregnant for the first time, already have children, or have never conceived.  Although I am a Registered Nurse who studies science and provides evidence-based information.  This has also allowed me to witness that the least invasive routes should be the first line of defense and therefore the natural process is to be promoted until medical intervention is deemed absolutely necessary.  For this reason, I also provide information and resources for alternative and medical therapies and methods.
  • As a Self-Awareness Coach, I focus on enhancing the understanding of self as a multidimensional being.  The assessments used, strategies and resources provided are designed to address the mind, body, and spirit.  I partner best with women who seek to be guided by their feminine instinct and spiritual intuition.  Those who believe in Divine connection, spiritual gifts, unseen energy, and power find my methods most beneficial.


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How much does private coaching cost?

Private coaching is charged by the session, not the hour.  Click here to view session rates.

Our private coaching relationship begins with a deep-dive Mental Clarity session, followed by one Navigation Call (included with Mental Clarity session).

*Sessions may later be purchased in biweekly or weekly packages to reduce the amount as the number of sessions increase.