Maternity Coaching

         Maternity Coaching is for the woman who desires to be the peaceful creator of her story, as opposed to feeling thrown into it.  From the beginning of the maternal process, it is as though our spirit takes on an internal form.  There is this energy inside now that no one else can see and only you can sense.  The energy desires to grow and thrive but it needs to transform its environment and adjust the conditions just to survive.  Unfortunately, many fight with this energy on a daily, whether it’s in the physical or spiritual form.  Mentally and physically, mothers struggle with surrendering to the required transformation of themselves.

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Maternity Coaching for a Peaceful Birth

Women reduce, if not eliminate, their need for medical intervention as a result of My Peaceful Blessings Maternity Coaching.  They enter into their labor with a clear mind and feel more in control throughout their pregnancy and birth experience.  Due to the peaceful birth experience they create, share, and remember, their rates of postpartum depression are reduced.

Maternity Coaching for a Peaceful Mind

During motherhood, Peaceful Mind Coaching benefits women in every area of their lives.  Women experience more self-awareness, reduced stress and anxiety levels, and are more centered and relaxed throughout their everyday lives.  Due to their enhanced ability to balance their mind and body, they are able to better nourish their spirit to accomplish more in life.

Create a peaceful story