Maternity Coaching

“I walk with you through your journey, from the moment you discover you’re expecting.”

Many focus on the portion of motherhood that begins after baby arrives.  However, our responsibility as parents begins from the moment we discover we’re expecting.   Pregnancy and childbirth is one of the most empowering seasons in a woman’s life.  Unfortunately, many struggle finding the balance between caring for self as well as another. When working with a Maternity Coach, mom and coach work together to set goals and establish plans that help to improve the quality of life experienced during pregnancy, childbirth, and after baby arrives.  Within each phase of motherhood it’s natural to develop desires for yourself as well as your family.  I walk with you through your journey, from the moment you discover you’re expecting to keep you fully engaged in the process.  As your coach, I’m available to answer questions, provide education and continuous support as well as guidance aimed to empower and help you create your own story of peace and joy, as opposed to those of fear, stress, and suffering.

*Maternity coaching is best for mothers seeking to begin preparing early and throughout pregnancy.

You may benefit from hiring a Maternity Coach if you:

  • Find additional support valuable.
  • Desire to enter into your birth room feeling prepared and confident.
  • Planning to labor and birth unmedicated.
  • Are registered for a hospital birth.
  • Believe in the power of preparation.
  • Experience comfort in being well informed.
  • Desire to empower yourself in having the most supported, informed, peaceful, and relaxed pregnancy and labor experience possible.
  • Would like to have someone knowledgeable, experienced, uninhibited by office hours and readily available to you for all things pregnancy related: aches; pains; mood swings; venting; or for that questionable non-emergency.

*Labor Support services available within Maternity Coaching packages.

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