Maternity Coach

Maternity Coaching throughout pregnancy reduces anxiety and assists you in developing the mindset needed for a natural birth experience. Pregnancy and childbirth is one of the most empowering seasons in a woman’s life. Unfortunately, many do not experience this time as empowering or even positive. Left without the understanding of how to fully engage in the process and/or with unanswered questions, they become robbed of their power. Maternity coaching gives you continuous support and guidance aimed to empower and help you create your own story of peace and joy, as opposed to those of fear, stress, and suffering.

I walk with you through your journey, from the moment you discover you’re expecting.

Reasons for hiring a maternity coach and doula:

~Your birth plan includes laboring in a hospital and you are looking for additional support both during labor and throughout your pregnancy
~You’re committed to a natural labor experience
~You are looking for someone who is available to you for all things pregnancy related: aches; pains; mood swings; venting; for that questionable non-emergency
~Someone who is readily available and uninhibited by office hours
~To empower yourself in having the most supported, informed, peaceful, and relaxed pregnancy and labor experience possible

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