A personal power plan is a well-drafted individualized care plan.   There’s a noticeably undesirable difference between the processes we use when we’re functioning as the balanced versus the imbalanced versions of ourselves.  It’s not only noticed in the way we feel and experience our lives but it’s noticed in the way others experience and benefit from our presence.  Where many focus on controlling the uncontrollable events and situational outcomes of life, LeShanta focuses on helping you control the way you experience and present yourself throughout those moments.

We focus on your personal power, resilience, and coping ability.  With a personal power plan, you can take control and reach for the process that will help you birth the best version of yourself.  By either preventing experiences that could knock you out of balance or by strengthening your ability to rebalance when an experience leaves you feeling unstable.  Having control over your process with the use of a personal power plan can affect how you experience life.

As in nursing, Navigation Coaching is a cyclical and ongoing process that can end at any stage if peace and balance is achieved.  Therefore, your personal power plan is revised as needed.  A personal power plan is a personalized evidence-based blueprint that is designed to take you from where you are to where you want to be.  It is formulated using the goal-directed and client-centered nursing process which is a modified scientific method that begins with a thorough assessment.  We outline key elements of your mental, physical, and spiritual (energetic) makeup.  We extract pertinent information from your past and present to reveal a road map that will provide you with insight on your predictable nature.  Your personal power plan becomes your tool that can be used to identify and understand the obstacles that stand in your way.  And it also lists rational interventions that will help you take control of how you experience your experiences.

Through self-reflection and assessment, you will learn to recognize your natural labor process, the personal process that controls what, when, and how you present yourself to yourself and the rest of the world.  Formulating your personal power plan will involve learning how you respond consciously and sub-consciously to internal and external triggers, which gives you a bird’s-eye view of your position in this game we call, ‘life’.  This view enhances your ability to be an offensive and defensive player as needed.  It places you in a position to make moves from a stable center.  You’ll be able to move from a grounded spirit, make decisions with a focused mind, and remain balanced in the times of turbulence so you can birth your best self during your biggest storms and release the visions and new life you’ve been carrying within.  You can do it all, with a peaceful mind and your inherent peaceful power.

Knowing your current process is the key to creating a new process that offers you peace and balance. Working to expand your self-awareness, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence puts you in control of how you labor through life.

  • Are you ready to operate at a higher frequency of balance and peace?
  • Are you done feeling disempowerment? Do you desire relief?
  • Are you ready to set your feminine energy free?
  • Are you tired of operating in someone else’s vision? Tired of using someone else’s plan or prescription?  Are you ready to understand and create your own process?

Let’s establish your plan!