Postpartum Support Doula


Postpartum Support in the privacy of your home.

Some mothers and families need more assistance than the 1-3 days they receive during their hospital stay. After discharge, I will help you care for yourself and your family. Services provided to you are dependent on your desires and needs.

I support your parenting style and choices. The goal is to empower you. Postpartum support could be 1 day for four hours or a few hours a day over the course of the first 3 months. As your confidence and comfort level build, your need for support will diminish.

During this time:
~Bond with baby
~Rest and rebuild your strength

Your nurse:
~Provides information on breastfeeding, bottle feeding, baby care, and baby sleep training
~Cares for your newborn
~Preps meals
~Throws in that load of laundry
~Does the dishes
~Prepares your herbal sitz bath to help you heal from birth
~Your postpartum/baby nurse can help you assess infant’s feedings, identify infant jaundice, and recognize the signs of postpartum depression
*Referrals and recommended resources are provided as needed

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