Peaceful Women Share inspires us to navigate our journeys with peaceful power.  Each recording highlights a peaceful woman who has birthed a new life, business, vision, habit, or dream. 

Our hope is to learn from the experiences of our sisters.  As we listen to their stories, we fill our toolbox with hope, tips, strategies, and new philosophies that will help us birth the best version of ourselves in every divinely orchestrated labor of life.

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Daryll Wharton helps us see how our past prepares us for our present. As we listen to her share the birth experiences of her firstborn and a healthier version of herself, we can be inspired as she relives the stories that birthed The Cute, Curvy, & Confident Wellness Coach.

Patience Hemenway, Master Breathwork Instructor, not only shares her positive birth experiences, but she also shares how her maternal journey birthed the philosophy, approach, and passion that continues to help her and others labor through life with more peaceful minds.

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