40 weeks of pregnancy (Forty is a very significant number)

What if pregnancy was more about your growth than baby's? You are given 40 weeks of pregnancy for a reason. -LeShanta Baker  What transformation are you to make during your season of testing?   https://youtu.be/nxiOa-IK504

When should you start preparing to birth new life?

Now! Preparation for birthing new life is best if it begins before if not the moment you ask yourself, "When should I start preparing for birth?".  Many find themselves in enrolled in the journey of pregnancy before they had an opportunity to say think and give a completely surrendered yes to the process of pregnancy let … Continue reading When should you start preparing to birth new life?

Can you do it? Is a natural hospital birth possible?

Despite the stigma hospitals have made for themselves, please note that it is possible to have a natural hospital birth. The question is, are you prepared for a natural hospital birth?