The Pregnancy, Labor, Birth Cycle is Never Ending!

For many women the thought of laboring and/or giving birth is triggering. My peaceful blessing has been gaining the observational experience of witnessing hundreds of women across the country manage what I call, The E-Cycle of pregnancy, labor, childbirth, and motherhood. What have I learned? Even after the baby is born, eating, walking, in school… We NEVER stop the cycle of being impregnated and laboring to birth new life!

life /līf/- vitality, vigor, or energy.

Maybe it’s the methodical libra in me, but I am always seeking balance. And that my fair lady, leads me to constantly working to understand processes. You might find yourself super surprised, maybe even a little bit annoyed to realize what wasn’t and isn’t pointed it out to women prior to becoming mothers. But, no stress, the strategies you seek to discover relief and peace of mind can still be unveiled. For they were stitched in nature to be outlined for you prior to the start of your maternal journey. From the moment your magnificent egg released and began it’s travel, your lessons had already being transcribed.

I understand that our state of being fluctuates along a spectrum that goes from feeling fully grounded, like we can manage it all, to feeling like a spiraling hot mess. However, it occurred to me, it should not feel like I’m in a hamster wheel. The reproductive experience shows us the methods to shift from striving to for a sense of resiliency to succeeding in managing ourselves, to evolving, balancing, and thriving. In short, the maternal journey outlines our pathway to peace!

How are you navigating through your contractions of life?

Let’s talk through your current observations. We can discuss your personal birth plan and see how your sense of balance can become your more consistent state of being.

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